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Financial Protection
Financial protection gives you peace of mind. 

Final expense insurance is an insurance policy used to pay for burial expenses and funeral services when the named insured dies. Such a policy helps ease the financial burden placed on a family when a loved one dies.

While life insurance policies in this category are called final expense or burial insurance, we provide these no medical exam polices as traditional life insurance policies where the named beneficiary could use the proceeds for any purpose.

Annuities may be a smart fit for your investment plan. Are you worried about outliving your income? That’s a risk that you may be able to do something about. When you invest in an annuity, you set the stage to receive income in the future, subject to the terms, conditions and or limitations of the insurance contract.

How do annuities work? An annuity is a long term investment that is issued by an insurance company designed to help protect you from the risk of outliving your income. Through annuitization, your purchase payments (what you contribute) are converted into periodic payments that can last for life.

Nationwide's annuities are flexible so you can choose one that enables you to:

 - Invest a lump sum or invest over a period of time 

- Start receiving payments immediately or at some later date

- Select a fixed, variable or indexed rate of return

Keep in mind that:  A fixed indexed annuity is not a stock market investment and does not directly participate in any stock or equity investment.

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Our Team is happy to help you determine what best fits your needs.

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